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Monksland Primary Care Centre Must Remain In Roscommon

There has been speculation this week that the Primary Care Centre in Monksland is under consideration to be moved from the Galway/Roscommon/Mayo Community Health Organisation (CHO2) to the Laois/Offally/Longford/Westmeath/Louth/Meath Community Health Organisation (CHO8). If this was to happen it would mean that the Primary Care Centre in Monksland would be under the remit of the same CHO as Westmeath.
Prior to the election many politicians gave commitments that services in Roscommon would stay in Roscommon. Now, we have good reason to believe that there are talks ongoing with-in the HSE to change the management of a significant health service resource within the county. Unless the HSE can give very good reasons for making this change, that will positively impact the service being delivered to patients or yield significant improvements in efficiencies then there is no reason to make this change other than for it to be a paper exercise to waste more time and resources.
I have been contacted by concerned individuals from the greater south Roscommon area who want clarity from the HSE on this matter. They want to know what it will mean for them and how they access services. Particularly, carers and elderly people deserve to have this clarified as they need to put plans in place if there are any changes.
I have sought clarity from the HSE on what their plans are for the Primary Care Centre in Monksland and asked them to strongly consider the implications of any changes that would affect how service users access the service. Calls are being made for Minister Naughten to stand by his pre-election promise and ensure that the services available to people in south Roscommon remain intact and under their current management structure, and that no-one will be negatively impacted should the HSE pursue such a change.