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Mobile Phone Coverage In Some Rural Areas Non Existent

By October 20, 2016No Comments

A major report carried out by the company P3 and which was published over the weekend, has once again supported something that I have been highlighting for some time, that there are major gaps in the quality of signal being provided by the mobile phone operators.The report states that in many areas of the country, and particularly in rural Ireland as few as 25% of users have what they would consider an acceptable service. Needless to say the major companies have disputed these results but I know from my own area and from the many people who contact me on a daily basis that the mobile phone service in many rural areas is not acceptable and in some cases is non existent.

I note that this research was carried out in cities and along the main roads throughout the country. I would favour a much more comprehensive survey which would include more rural areas which are badly affected by poor mobile phone coverage in many areas. It is easy for the mobile phone operators to reach their quotas of acceptable coverage numbers when the majority of their customers are in big urban areas. People in rural Ireland also deserve a proper phone mobile phone service and Com Reg have a major role to play in this this situation as well