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Mobile Phone Coverage In Rural Areas A Disgrace

By January 28, 2016No Comments

The standard of mobile coverage particularly in rural areas seems to be declining all the time and ComReg, who are the body charged with overseeing the industry are not doing their job. I was speaking in the Dail at the Transport Committee on Wednesday.

I pointed out to the ComReg officials present that there are areas in rural Ireland that everyone is familiar with where there is little or no mobile phone coverage at all. There are homes where you could make a call five years ago and now you cannot get any mobile service at all. Once you leave Dublin, even on the main roads, there are major black spots where there is no coverage at all. This is a matter that must be addressed immediately and it is not good enough for ComReg to come in and pretend that all is rosy in the garden with regard to mobile phone coverage. They are simply not doing their job at the moment and it is time that they whipped the mobile phone operators into line and demanded proper coverage throughout the country. This is a matter that I will be following up with the utmost urgency with ComReg over the coming months