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Minister Varadkar Not Doing His Job

By September 16, 2015No Comments

Listening to statements from various consultants in emergency medicine around the country in recent days confirms my view that unless Minister Varadkar initiates a root and branch review of the structures in the HSE and redistributes the resources so they are used on the frontline, the massive problems that we have in our health service are only going to get worse. The Minister threatening to fine hospitals who don’t meet waiting list targets is a daft plan. If it is implemented then 95% of all hospitals will end up paying fines. Why not incentivise the hospitals and give more funding to those who are performing best. It would make more sense.

We also hear that there are 230 consultant posts that remain unfilled around the country. Surely the Minister can come up with a way of ensuring that these posts are filled without delay. One consultant who spoke on national radio yesterday claims that the HSE is over run with managers many of whom spend their time trying to justify their existence rather than trying to provide a better service for patients. There are too many meetings where nothing is achieved he claimed. It is gone past time that the Minister tackles the massive problems that we have in the health service before the system breaks down altogether. Minister Varadkar seems to have got a free pass from the media for some reason. He is getting away scot free while the problems in the health service grow with every passing week. It’s time he rolled up his sleeves and did his job.