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Minister Must Intervene On Falling Cattle Prices

By February 4, 2016No Comments

The prices being given to farmers for their cattle, especially the heavier cattle are dropping all the time and Minister Coveney must now intervene to tackle the factories who are dictating the prices once again.

Farmers are becoming increasingly frustrated by the falling cattle prices especially for heavier lots and it is the factories who are to blame and they are penalising farmers for the heavier cattle which is very unfair. Farmers are being led down a different path with regard to cattle size which is very unfortunate.Farmers are been penalised at the factory gate but the housewife is not seeing any reductions in meat prices at retail level. Once again the big producers are showing their greed on this matter and also their distain for farmers and their livelehoods. Minister Coveney must intervene in this matter immediately as many farmers will be driven out of the cattle business if the factories are allowed to dictate prices as they have been doing