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Minister Must Issue Statement On QSAT Situation

I am calling on Minister Dennis Naughten to make a statement on the situation with regard to the broadband provider Q-SAT who have this week written to their custimers to say that they can no longer provide a broadband connection service. I understand that this situation has arisen because of a dispute between Q-SAT and Avanti which is the satellite company who host the service. Q-SAT have over 3,000 customers in Ireland mainly in rural areas and many of those people are worried about losing their service or price rises following the letters they have recieved this week.

I understand that another provider- Bentley Walker- will take over the service previously provided by Q-SAT but I would like Minister Naughten to allay the fears of the people who have contacted me this week, the majority of whom live in remote rural areas and who are fearful for the future of their broadband service.