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Mental Health Services Need Urgent Review

By February 26, 2016No Comments

It has to be admitted that in recent years that some progress has been made with regard to mental health services nationally, but here in the Roscommon East Galway area there are huge gaps in the services that need to be filled.
There are many people in this constituency with mental health problems who are still having long waits in A&E, and particularly vulnerable people such as those with an addiction or disability are not getting the full care they need. This is a totally unacceptable situation. Services are stretched and understaffed in this region in particular.
I totally agree with the analysis of Mental Health Ireland who say that what is needed now is a clear signal from all political parties that they will make mental health a priority, if elected. People with mental health difficulties do not need empty promises. What we need a nationwide school programme to build good mental health, access is needed to 24/7 crisis support, easy access to counselling, a right to advocacy support, to help people with mental health difficulties access services. The next Government must properly address these issues, and especially the dire situation with regard to mental health services in the Roscommon East Galway constituency.