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Mental Health Service In Roscommon In Chaos

By December 11, 2015No Comments

The news that High Court Judge Mr Tony O’Connor last week branded mental health services in the Roscommon area as being in ‘a crisis situation’ is further confirmation what I and other public representatives have been saying on this issue for the past 12 months and longer. The Judge also noted that mental health services in the county were ‘disfunctional and an unecessary risk’ which is a dire situation indeed. It is a huge wake up call for Minister Varadkar and the HSE who seem to have been igoring the situation. We have seen the budgets cut for mental health services in the Roscommon/Galway region in the recent past and it is only a matter of time before there will be a tragedy in the area as a result of the neglect of some of the vulnerable people in our society. I am calling for the full facts to be established in the review of alleged sexual offences at facilities in County Roscommon and that people be held accountable for any wrong doing. I am also calling on Minister Varadkar and the HSE to ensure that there is a speedy conclusion to this review and that our mental health services in County Roscommon are adequately funded into the future.