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Mediator Must Be Appointed In Bus Eireann Dispute

Once again today I am asking that an independent mediator, agreeable to both sides, be appointed to work on the Bus Eireann dispute before it gets out of control.

With no sign of talks taking place and a threat to train, school transport and other services imminent it is vital that every effort is made to try to bring the sides together to try to find a formula for talks to take place. The Labour Relations Commission have not been involved as they can see no basis for any talks but a major effort must be made to try to find some common ground.

Every dispute is settled by people talking eventually and there must be some pain suffered on each side to reach a solution. I am calling on the Minister and the Government to oversee the appointment of an independent mediator and that he or she report back having spoken to both sides. If nothing is done the prospect is that Bus Eireann could go into liquadation and the train and school bus system could grind to a halt. The country simply cannot afford that to happen and it is essential that everything possible is done to bring this dispute to an end.