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Many People Being Short Changed on Septic Tank Grants

By January 20, 2016No Comments

Many people who have complied with the law with regard to septic tanks are being short changed by the Government and it is a disgraceful situation.. Once again this Government have shown contempt to the people of Ireland where people who have registered their septic tanks according to the regulations, and then if a problem arises, and if they are not in the 5% of those that are inspected, the Government are telling people that they are not included for compensation. These people have complied with the law and now they are being shafted by the Government in a very unfair way, Some people have spent up to 10,000 Euro and are now being told there is nothing in the pot for them. This is a legacy of measures brought in by Phil Hogan and is being carried on by Alan Kelly who actually promised that he would sort out this problem but to date he has done absolutely nothing about it which is a scandal.