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Lough Funshinagh Problems Can Be Solved Immediately

With regard to the public meeting that I attended last week in Rahara about the flooding in Lough Funshinagh and surrounding areas, I know that there is a geological survey being carried out, but we can do all the surveys we like and look at all the underground passages etc but the reality is that if these passageways are blocked we have to find a way to get the people out of the turmoil that they have faced and will face again if things continue as they are at the moment.
There is no doubt that the water levels in the turlough are going down at a much slower rate than usual which shows that there is a blockage. That the level of Lough Funshinagh is above the level of the River Shannon leaves the opportunity to pipe the excess water into the Shannon to ensure that houses and roads in the area are safe and that the extra land that was flooded this year is safeguarded into the future. Turloughs will always fill up to a certain level but if we can put in a pipe for the excess water and send that pipe towards Ardmullen it would solve two problems in one. No matter how many reports that we have, this is only viable solution that will solve this problem once and for all and we should do it right now.