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Lough Funshinagh Flooding Problem Can Be Easily Solved

By September 9, 2016No Comments

With regard to the flooding situation, it is now obvious to everyone involved, and especially those who are trying to kick the can down the road with regard to surveys and reports, that the solution to the problem at Lough Funshinagh is as I called it several months ago. We have to install a pipe from Lough Funshinagh not to drain the turlough, but to take away excess water. This needs to be done immediately as the water levels are way above what would be the normal for September and if this work is not done the consequences will be disastrous this winter.

I have written to Minister Sean Canney and told him to cut to the chase for once and for all and provide the funding for this pipe immediately. This will alleviate the problem and it will also address the Ardmullen problem as well which will mean solving two problems at once. This work must be done now as soon as possible and I will be keeping up the pressure on all sides until this work is done.