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Lottery Changes Must Not Affect Charity Pay Outs

By August 12, 2015No Comments

With regard to the changes announced for the operation of the National Lottery today, and which will come into being next month, it is a clear indication of what can happen when state assets are sold off. From next month on the minimum price of a quick-pick ticket will go up 30% from 3 Euro to 4 Euro. While it is up to individuals themselves whether they buy the tickets or not every week, any reduction in sales will affect the profits of the new owners Premier Lotteries, and that will in turn affect the amount of money that is available to distribute to good causes and charities. The fact that two extra numbers will be added to the lotto game means that the chances of winning the jackpot have now gone up considerably, and this will lead to much bigger jackpots since it will be harder to win it with more numbers. We will have to wait until we see if there is a reduction in sales, but if that becomes a reality, then many local organisations and charities around the country will lose out. I would have serious questions to ask the Lottery Regulator about these changes, for instance is it a situation wherby these people will be coming in very year looking for a price increase to protect their profits and what questions were they asked this time around about these changes? Premier Lotteries are in this business to make profits and Irish good causes and charities are well down the list of their priorities. I am calling on the Minister to review these latest changes and to call the Lottery Regulator before the relevant Dail Committee to answer questions about this issue