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Local Politicians Ignored By HSE On Ballaghaderreen Day Care Centre Closure

Local Government and Fianna Fail politicians are being ignored by the HSE as they have closed a Day Care Centre in Ballaghaderreen which deals with people who have mental health problems and that centre remians closed.

People may remember some months ago that the HSE denied that they were to close any Day Care Centres in county Roscommon yet people who attended the centre in Ballaghaderreen which deals with mental health services last Friday found that the unit there was closed. The reason they were given was staff shortages We understand that that those staff shortages have been sorted out but the centre in Ballaghaderreen has not re-opened.

We also know that the Syrian refugees have now arrived in the town from a very troubled situation and they may need this service, never mind the locals who are using the centre on an ongoing basis. Once again the HSE have totally ignored and have gone back on what they said on this matter only a few months ago and they are ignoring local public represetatives as well.

It is now apparent that Ministers Simon Harris and Helen McEntee havn’t a clue what’s going on. I attempted to raise this important matter in Topical Issues in the Dail today but it was not chosen and I will attempt to raise it again tomorrow. As far as I can see the HSE are out of control and a law unto themselves and we have local Government representatives, a Government Minister and a party who are supporting the Government and they are all seemingly powerless and unaware of what’s going on in this situation