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Less Red Tape Will Speed Up Vacant Property Refurbishment

By October 5, 2017No Comments
 There would be far more progress on the refurbishment of vacant homes and buildings around the country if there wasn’t such an amount of red tape and needless regulation surrounding the planning process as it stands.
  There are a lot of vacant properties all around the country as we are all aware of, but people are reluctant to engage in refurbishment because of the amount of red tape and needless form filling and regulations associated with the planning process as it is. There are many villages and towns throughout the coutry where there were 20 and 30 pubs for instance but now that number is less than half that and a lot of those buildings are in good enough shape too.
  But we need people to be put in place that are not afarid to stand up and make decisions in the planning process and anythng that will speed up the process is welcome. If people can see that the process is not complicated and if there is less red tape involved it will be an incentive for this badly needed work to be carried out.