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Land Designation Problems Highlighted at Dail Committee

At a meeting of all interested parties on the problem of Land Designation held at The Agriculure Committee in The Dail on Tuesday it was pointed out the situation as it stands is totally unacceptable.

“Farmers who have been ‘doing the right thing’ with regard to the rules and regulations for 8 to 10 years now find that they are in danger losing their subsidies. I have said already that officials from Europe and from here in the Agriculture and Enviornment Departments will have to meet immediately to sort out this mess”

” What would solvet this problem in the short term would be to use the Department of Agriculture reference maps from before. A working group which would include all the relevant stakeholders should be set up immediately to come to an agreement on this problem. This is a mess that has been created by the officials and not by the farmers and I will be doing everything that I can to find a resolution to this problem in the coming weeks”