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Kenny Should Not Open Civic Offices

By January 20, 2016No Comments

I read with incredulity that the Taoiseach Enda Kenny has been invited to open the new Civic Headquarters in Roscommon in February. That invitation should be withdrawn immediately

Enda Kenny is the man who promised the people of Roscommon before the last election that he would keep the A and E unit at the County Hospital open, yet when he got into power he closed it, and now a senior Minister in his Government is planning to sign off on a proposal that would see a huge chunk of county Roscommon go to Westmeath and 7,000 Roscommon people lose their identity as a result. Until the Taioseach makes a public statement to the effect that this proposal on South Roscommon is not going ahead then he should not be invited to open the Civic Headquarters, and the invitation to him should be withdrawn until this matter is resolved. The people of county Roscommon are outraged by the proposals on South Roscommon and it will be a major election issue if it is not resolved. The proposal should withdrawn immediately.