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Irish People Must Vote On Brexit Deal

The implications of a bad deal or no deal at all for Ireland on the Brexit negotiations are huge and any agreement reached between the EU and the UK should be voted on by the Irish people.

We do a huge amount of business with the UK, especially in the agri sector, and any deal reached on the Berxit negotiatioons will have fundemental effects on our farming and food industry so Ireland must be front and centre at those talks and not watching on from the sidelines. The EU now has now imposed more rules and regulations in this country than ever and we have seen that in terms of the provision of a clean water supply, financial regulations, and planning to name just three areas that have come up recently. Indeed this week a report has shown that Ireland is now the biggest nanny state in the EU. It’s something that I have been saying for years past and now it’s in black and white.

Ireland used to have a veto on important matters at EU level but that’s now gone. We see the UK and the EU playing hardball in recent weeks, and while they can fight if they wish we must get in there are make sure we get a good deal on behalf of the Irish people and we need a deal that is on our terms and acceptable to our people and our economy. I am firmly of the opinion that whatever deal emerges from the negotiations should be voted on by the Irish people and we should show the EU and we are prepared to stand up and fight for our interests on this vital issue.