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Irish People Must Be Allowed To Vote On TTIP Deal

The Irish people should be allowed to vote on the TTIP and other similar deals currently being negotiated between the EU and the USA and Canada.
These deals if concluded will affect every single person in this country and the people should have a say on whether they are allowed to go through. These deals would give huge power to major corporations and there are many who believe that the deal would increase the power of the major multi nationals at the expense of the ordinary  people and democracy. Others argue that it will create thousands of jobs. There will be huge implications for the future of agriculture if these deals are agreed. I am proposing that the Government ensure that the people are educated as to what the TTIP and other deals will mean for the country and that we have a say on whether they come in or not. Remember too that there are similar negotiations ongoing with Canada ( CETA) on a similar deal and both these deals could come into being in the next 12 months. The people of Europe and of Ireland in particular must have a say