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Irish Beef Producers Being Treated Unfairly

By January 7, 2016No Comments

I have today accused the Government of failing to take any action to ensure a fair price for beef farmers, with Irish producers now falling far behind their British counterparts with regard to prices. The facts are that over the past 12 months, the difference in price between Irish and British beef has increased significantly and now stands at €1.10/kg, which is a huge difference. The gap is wide and growing all the time and it is a situation that cannot be allowed to continue. The Government and Minister Coveney are standing by and allowing this to happen.
Minister Coveney set up the Beef Forum last year but it has proven to be totally ineffective and is only benefitting the factories and the processors. The UK processors are imposing penalties on Irish farmers which is totally unfair and now Irish beef producers are struggling to break even. This situation simply cannot be allowed to go on and Minister Coveney will have to wake up and support Irish beef farmers and demand a better deal for them.