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Ireland Should Stay Out Of UK-EU Debate

By November 11, 2015No Comments

Today the ESRI have said that any British withdrawl from the EU could cost the Irish economy billions of Euro per annum. There are also calls today for Ireland to do everything it can politically to influence the British vote. However the facts are that Ireland had a huge trade with the UK before we were ever in Europe and there is no reason why that could not continue that situation in the event of Britain pulling out of Europe. The UK should be allowed to have it’s own debate without sending Enda Kenny or anyone else from this country to do the bidding of the EU and interfere in what is a debate going on in the UK alone. Once again we are acting like the goody, goody boys of Europe on this issue doing their bidding. We have enough problems here without interfering in a debate in another country. We should stay out of this debate and let the people in The UK make up their own minds. If the people of the UK do decide to pull out of the EU then we must plan for that eventuality here in Ireland and maybe even have the same debate.