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Ireland Must Play Hardball On Brexit Negotiations

Enda Kenny, or whoever is the Taoiseach must be very strident in their negotiations on the future of the EU and even propose a referendum here in Ireland before ay post Brexit deal is agreed.

With the triggering of Article 50 today there are crucial Brexit negotiations about to take place over the next two years and Ireland have to be in there at the heart of those talks. Being part of a 26 country situation will give Ireland almost no say at all and we have to be tough and hard in our approach to those talks given our special posotion with regard to Brexit and the future. Thr EU have let Ireland down in the past and it is vital that we are there to determine our own future.

Our Taoieasch must tell the EU that there will be a referendum here before any deal on the future of the EU is agreed. Sitting back and being one of 26 is not going to work and we need to state our case forcefully and clearly while these crucial talks are held.