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Ireland Must Be Involved In Brexit Talks- The EU Will Not Get Ireland A Good Deal

By February 15, 2017No Comments

A serious debate must take place in Ireland on the future after Brexit as we cannot trust the EU to do a deal on our behalf given the special ties that exist between Ireland and the UK . There is just too much at stake and we cannot trust the EU to get us the deal we want.

We have seen the difference that the peace process has made to our island and it is a great tribute to everyone who has brought that about and there has been a huge dividend for all our people north and south. But the situation with regard to Brexit is now a very serious one for the Irish people and the economy and we must be pro-active in the talks which will take place with the UK.

I would be very concerned if the EU are allowed to negotiate with the UK on Brexit on our behalf. The UK will look for the best deal for the UK and the EU will look for the best deal for the EU which may not be the beat deal for Ireland. We have seen the way the EU have treated Ireland in the past and particularly in the last few years which has been a disgrace and we will get no favours from them judging by what has happened in banking, with the bondholders and our bank debt. We can do a trade deal with the UK if needs be but we must be there in the talks.

It looks like we are going to have a hard border and we have to be ready to deal with that if it comes about. There are so many major ties between Ireland and the UK that we must be centre stage in the negotiations and take the lead ourselves. We must have a debate here and now about what we are going to do and we cannot be sitting on the sidelines while the EU and the UK debate our future. There is just too much at stake for our economy and for the Agriculture industry in particular to allow the EU to get the best deal for Ireland because they won’t.

We need to tell the EU what we want out of these negotiations and not be bending the knee like good little citizens bowing and scraping to the powers that be in Europe at every turn as we have done in the past. We need to stand our ground and get a good deal for Ireland on Brexit. It is vital for our economic future. It’s time to think of ourselves for once