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Ireland Must Be Allowed To Agree Trade Deals With UK Post Brexit

By December 13, 2016No Comments

It was very dissappointing to hear the outright opposition by Minister Michael Noonan to the possibility of developing bi-lateral agreements between Ireland and the UK post Brexit earlier this week.

There were bi-lateral trade agreements between Ireland and the UK long before the EU was set up and it would be entirely possible for this situation to work again, instead Minister Noonan rejected the idea straight off. The same attitude was adopted when we bailed out the banks. No one wants to hear an alternative view at all when we are taking these major decisions. We have ask where are we going as a country if this is how we take decisions and also ask who is calling the tune.
The UK is our biggest trading partner and we should be able to negotiate trade agreements with them without the interference of the EU dictators. I am looking at the situation in Norway who are outside the EU yet they carry on trading with various countries on the basis of agreements made, and we can do the same here with the UK. If the EU continue to dictate in this regard then we will have to take a serious look at our participation in the EU overall. We should go ahead and work out trade and other deals with the UK without the EU. It will benefit the country in the long run. We should be allowed to run our own affairs in this regard especially.