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Iranrod Eireann Customer Service Hits A New Low

The situation at Roscommon railway station has been brought to my attention by a number of people over the past week. It appears that the station building is now closed permanently and a vending machine is now situated close to an entrance gate to sell tickets. A friend of mine brought his 86 year old mother to the station this week but there was no staff member there to advise her what do with her travel card or to answer queries. In addition on that particular day the vending machine was not working and passengers there were fearful of getting on the train without a ticket in case they got a fine. This is another example of the way that many major institutions are treating the public and elderly people in particular. We have seen the banks asking elderly people to do their banking online when they have never used a computer in their lives and all they want to do is talk to a staff member to look after their needs. This is an erosion of another service previously available to the public. I will be contacting Iranrod Eireann immediately about this situation and I am calling on them to have a staff member present at train times to explain to people about the new regime if that is what this is. It appears that for many institutions customer service is a thing of the past.