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Innovative Thinking Needed On Road Safety and Motor Insurance Costs

Innovative thinking is required not only to reduce the number of fatalities on our roads but to aid young people with insurance costs.

I am once again making a proposal that I have made a number of times at the Transport Committee in the Dail that would not only help to reduce the number of road fatalities but it would also help to reduce insurance costs for younger people. The proposal is that young people who start off driving, up to an age that could be agreed whether it be 21 or 23 or 25 have a tacograph system that is installed in their cars that would also include a speed limiter that would restrict the car speed up to to say, 80 kilmoeters per hour. This would cost money to install but the insurance companies would then be required to reduce their premiums to young people. If there are accidents then the insurance would go up naturally but the restriction in speed would reduce the amount of death and injury on our roads.
Surely it would be worthwhile to try this out on a trial basis at least to see how it might work. Why is it that we are afraid to look at new ideas on an issue that is so serious? The tacograph and speed limiter system works on lorries so why not with cars? Minister Ross needs to step up to the plate on this one and not let the civil servants rule the roost. Also, it might be more in line for the Road Safety Authority to take on some novel ideas instead of penalising lorry drivers with mountains of red tape. I am calling on Liz O’Donnell as the head of the RSA, instead of blaming the Gardai and everyone else, to come out and announce some innovative ideas to help with road safety.