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Independent Alliance Meeting In Athlone

By September 23, 2015No Comments

The Hudson Bay Hotel in Athlone on Saturday last was the mecca for members of what promises to become a strong political force in the life of the country. Representing town and country, and coming from constituencies right around the country, they came to see the logo of the “Independent Alliance” being unveiled. The colourful logo symbolises the diversity that is the trademark of this alliance of politicians. We must embrace difference if we want to represent the views of all our constituents, even within families there are differences of opinion and the Independent Alliance aims to celebrate difference and we won’t be all “whipped” into line as happens in all of the parties”

The Independent Alliance already have five TD’s and two Senators on board but look set to field more than twenty candidates in the coming general election. They had a number of lively workshop sessions that covered various topics. The group have made it very clear that as an “Alliance” they will be very different to the traditional “Party” system. Alliance is very different to Party because Alliance is not all about having “one voice” but rather about the diversity that reflects the views of society. People shouldn’t be silenced because they have a particular point of view”
Every TD has an important role to play as a local politician representing the people on the ground and bringing a strong message to the centre of power but it is also important to have a national vision and a voice that will be heard in the corridors of power and this is what we can achieve by being a part of the ‘Independent Alliance’”.