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Include All Farmers In Glas Scheme

By February 4, 2016No Comments

It has come to my attention this week that a number of farmers who have applied to be included in the Glas Scheme have been told that their applications have been unsuccessful. This comes as a major blow to farmers in Roscommon and Galway who may not have the conditions to sow wild bird cover or who may not have the land to do that, or indeed to comply with the new slurry system.

Since he became Minister for Agriculture five years ago Simon Coveney has shown disregard for small farmers nationwide and here is another example of that. However in a few weeks time people will be going to the polls, and farmers in particular can show Mr Coveney what they think of him. There were only 1,500 to 2,000 farmers over the quota which was not a lot. It would have been very easy for the Department to make allowances for these extra farmers. We hear Minister after Minister telling us that they have turned around the economy and that money is flowing again, so if that is the case they should have allowed these extra farmers into this scheme
I have sent a letter to Minister Coveney informing him of my deep displeasure at this latest turn of events and I have asked him to have a rethink on this matter and allow the farmers in question into the Glas scheme.