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Incentives Needed For Rural House Building

House building has increased by 16% over the first six months of this year nationally which gives some indication that the construction industry is taking the first tentative steps to recovery. However, the figures also show that only eighty new houses were built during that period in Co. Roscommon. While the national figures show a slight growth the figures for Co. Roscommon represent a decrease of 13%.

The latest figures come as no surprise me because it is quite clear that areas west of the Shannon are being left behind. We need some stimulus now to kick start development in the West and the government should be looking at that seriously. Without employment growth, the construction industry will remain stagnant in rural areas. We need to motivate local entrepreneurs to provide services and employment opportunities. If we provide some additional employment we might be able to attract some of the younger generation to return again and set up homes in our rural areas. The improvement in the economy must take place in all areas so that all communities can benefit.