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Importance of upcoming Local Elections underlined by independent TD Fitzmaurice

By February 14, 2019No Comments

The importance of the upcoming Local Elections in May of this year has been underlined by independent TD Michael Fitzmaurice.

He has called on people to “stand up and be counted” when the time comes to cast their vote on Friday, May 24.

Speaking on the issue, the Roscommon-Galway TD said: “In recent months we have seen the fabric of rural Ireland being decimated. Over the Christmas period, the pub trade – especially in rural parts of the country – took a massive hit due to the introduction of new laws and the lack of public transport.

“It is sad to see another fabric of Irish society in rural Ireland being taken away by this Government.

“Meanwhile, post offices in Glinsk and Ballymoe – and indeed in several other areas – with people who have given many years of service to their communities have closed their doors for the final time.

“At a time when we are endeavouring to lower our carbon footprint, it is ironic that pensioners and those in receipt of social welfare payments are being asked to travel further to get their monies.”

Fitzmaurice rued the fact that this Government seems to be intent on tearing the fabric of rural Ireland apart and closing down the services which have been there for decades. He also indicated that he is currently working with a group of people to try and get some services back into rural Ireland.

Continuing, Fitzmaurice said: “Sometimes you would have to wonder about the thinking in this State. Rural Ireland is under attack and the main political parties have failed us.

“People must also bear in mind that this Government is being propped up by another party. This country has been ran by the two main political parties for decades, but look at where we now find ourselves.

“I hope that people will show their dissatisfaction with how rural Ireland is being decimated when the time comes to cast their vote in the upcoming Local Elections.

“One soldier won’t win a war; but, when it comes to the ballot box, the voice of the majority will be heard the loudest.

“People must walk in to the polling stations in May and do the right thing. They need to show this Government and those propping it up – including the independents – how they truly feel.

“They need to be stand up and be counted. It is vitally important for people to understand what each candidate stands for before casting their vote,” he concluded.