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IDA Figures Show West Is Falling Behind Again

By September 20, 2016No Comments

The latest employment figures from the IDA shows clearly that the West of Ireland and other rural areas are falling further and further behind when it comes to job creation and the infrastructure defecit outside the main urban areas that was pointed out to us last week by major employers is a major bar to employment creation.

The figures show an increase in employment figures for Mayo and Galway, a small increase in Roscommon and a loss of jobs in Sligo and Leitrim.

While the employment figures at IDA assisted companies shows a slight overall increase in the Western area which is welcome, it is minuscule when compared to the figures for Dublin and Cork and other major urban areas. Last week we met with major employers in the West and they clearly told us that the lack of proper infrastructure in terms of roads, proper broadband and mobile services and other basic facilities is a bar to employment creation in rural areas. The responsibility in this regard lies with the Government and unless we level the playing field in terms of infrastructure in rural areas the gap in terms of employment creation between areas like the West of Ireland and other major urban areas will continue to grow.