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HSE Memo Should Lead To Sackings

By November 9, 2016No Comments

The people in the HSE responsible for sending out the memo which stated that nurses could use minimum force to free up acute beds for those who need them and who described the patients as trespassers should be sacked from their jobs immediately.

The notion that the HSE would ask nurses to use force to remove patients from beds is absolutely unbelievable and a further indication of the disconnect that there is between some of the people who run our health service and the most important people of all, who are the patients. The callous tone of this statement is quite astonishing and to suggest that anyone in a civilised society would be treated in this manner is quite shocking. This memo thankfully was withdrawn on the 28th of October after being issued on the 11th Of October and I note that it’s contents have been critisised and rightly so, by Minister Simon Harris.

It is about time people in the HSE take responsibility for their actions and the notion that our health service is a caring one has been dealt another severe blow by this unforgivable action of the HSE. I am calling on the Minister and The HSE management to act on this matter immediately.