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HSE Inefficiency Affecting Children With Disabilities

It has come to my attention that children in this constituency with severe disabilities and who would be starting back to school in September, and who are brought to school by their parents, are being disadvantaged by a lack of efficiency in the HSE. Three specially adapted chairs for these children were to be ordered on the 1st of June, but I understand now that clerical officers in the HSE, who were to send e-mails to order these chairs, did not do their job, and now the chairs that these children need will not be ready in time. The HSE are offering an alternative chairs that are not nearly as good as the ones that should have been ordered. The question that I would ask is why are these people not dong their job?

If they do not do their job there are repercussions for these children and that cannot be tolerated. The finance is in place for these chairs and equipment and I am assured of that, and everything was in place, and the least we should expect is that these people do their job properly. I am calling on Minister Harris to investigate what went on here and if there are people who did not attend to the job that they should be doing then they are not fit for that position and the Minister should take appropriate action.