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Housing Crisis Must Be Prioritised

The very serious and worsening crisis that we have in the housing sector will not be easy to solve and it will have to involve a multi faceted approach involving all the agencies involved and the politicians will have to step up to the plate as well.
There are many different things that need to be done to address this crisis and action will have to be taken immediately. Firstly emergency legislation will have to be passed to allow local authorities to build houses in every county and resources will have to be provided for that. We will have to examine the role of NAMA as well. If they are sitting on vacant properties then we must explore how they can be released on to the market”
There are 3,000 voids located all round the country that can be refurbished as well and remember that when local authority houses are being built or refurbished it creates employment which is so important as well. Along with the health service, this is the biggest issue facing any new Government and it much be tackled immediately.