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Housing Crisis- Biggest Challenge To New Government

The biggest of the many challenges facing the new Government is the housing crisis and every possible solution including emergency legislation will have to be used in order to address this crisis.
Every single TD in the Dail is in agreement that the housing crisis must be tackled immediately and every possible effort must be made to cut through the red tape and waffle usually associated with building houses around the country. If we need emergency legislation to be introduced to tackle the problem and to get houses built quickly then let’s do it now. I am also worried that speculators have bought up land so they can make huge profits when that land is required for housing. If we need legislation to ensure that the land is bought at a reasonable rate then it should be put in place as well.
The new Minister will have to carry out a root and branch review of his staff around the country to ensure that there are people in place to put an immediate and radical house building plan in place. We simply cannot allow the current situation to continue and we must have a coherent plan put in place immediately and this is something that I will be following up vigorously until we see action on the ground all around the country.