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Horticulture sector facing crisis as a result of peat supply issues – Fitzmaurice

By January 5, 2021No Comments

Issues surrounding the supply of peat to the horticulture sector means the industry is facing a crisis, Michael Fitzmaurice TD has warned.

This is an issue which has developed in recent months, and it looks set to get worse if remedial action isn’t taken soon, he added.

Commenting on this, he said: “The mushroom industry, nurseries and others involved in the horticulture sector depend on peat.

“It is unbelievable that Bord na Mona is exporting peat out of the country and north of the border, when businesses in the south are crying out for it.

“Without peat, businesses in the sector cannot begin planting.

“Next year, people will be wondering why they cannot get plants grown in Ireland for their garden next year.

“This will inevitably lead to the importation of plants, which also increases the risk of importing diseases to native plants.

“As well as this, thousands of jobs within the horticulture industry are at risk.

“This Government needs to wake up and recognise that this sector will fall deeper into a crisis if action isn’t taken soon,” he concluded.

Michael Fitzmaurice – 0861914565