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Holiday home-owners must stick to travel restrictions in Covid-19 fight – Fitzmaurice

Holiday home owners must stick to travel restrictions in order to continue the fight against Covid-19, according to independent TD Michael Fitzmaurice.

The Roscommon-Galway representative acknowledged the significant effort made by Irish people to adhere to the restrictions currently in place.

Speaking on the matter, he said: “Since the necessary restrictions were put in place, it has been heart-warming to see communities pulling together in an effort to combat the spread of this virus.

“The vast majority of people have put their shoulder to the wheel in these uncertain times are following the social distancing rules outlined by the experts.

“It has been great to see people volunteering to support others in their communities who may have to cocoon for a period of time.

“If we can continue these efforts and stick to the guidelines outlined, then we will overcome this virus. But we cannot let the efforts slip.

“With the long weekend ahead, the temptation may be there for some people to flaunt the rules which we have been following so far.

“It is important for people to adhere to the travel restrictions. People who own holiday homes or traditionally visit caravan parks etc must refrain from travelling this weekend.

“We cannot afford to give this virus any more opportunities to spread. People working in the health service are valiantly placing themselves in the line of fire in order to save lives; the least the rest of us can do is stay put.

“Once we have beaten the virus, there will be plenty more bank holiday weekends to enjoy with family and friends. But we must be willing to make the sacrifice now,” Fitzmaurice concluded.

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