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Help Needed For SME’S

I said in the Dail on Wednesday and it is imperative that SME’s are given as many incentives to set up and to stay in business as is possible. I said that SME’s are the life blood of the economy and they should be supported by the government in terms of less red tape, paperwork and tax incentives. I also called on the banks to take a more sympathetic view to those in the sector in financial trouble. I was speaking on a debate on what the authorities could do to improve conditions in the SME sector.

“Entrepreneurs never got a hand or leg up and had to do things on their own. Many of them have employed people countrywide, fought their way through the recession and struggled on without any real help, Many people have approached me over the past few months about setting up a business, which is great for the country and communities. However, there is little in terms of incentives or assistance to help the person who has not got much funding behind him or her. We need to address the situation whereby the red carpet is rolled out for companies locating here under the guise of foreign direct investment while nothing but obstacles and paperwork are put in the way of the local Irish man. We need to look at this in a new way”

“There are many companies whose loans have been sold on by the banks. The banks are treating the people concerned with contempt and often refuse even to engage with them. I acknowledge and welcome that it is proposed to introduce incentives in this area. However, we need also to ensure that SMEs are protected and given tax breaks. Like many other Members of this House, I am an employer. In the case of a business that goes bust tomorrow, while all of the employees can sign on the following day. Despite that the employer may have a family to raise, the only thing he or she gets is heaps of paperwork and the prospect of emigration. This must change. We need to ensure proper tax breaks are put in place for the private sector”