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Press Releases

Health Service Improvements A Top Priority

The issue of health services locally and the situation at Roscommon county hospital continues to be a matter of the utmost urgency for me as a local public representative. With regard to Roscommon county hospital, I have raised the matter on no less than 19 occasions since I was elected at meetings with the HSE and in the Dail on the floor of the house, and I am totally committed to the improvement of services at the hospital. I am calling for staff and consultant numbers at the hospital to be increased as a matter of urgency.

The fact that hospital waiting lists nationally are now longer than ever is a totally unacceptable situation and in light of the improved economic circumstances that we hear about every day of the week from the government, the resources that are needed to solve this problem should be made available as a matter of priority. There are problems with regard to ambulance call out times and I have been highlighting the serious problems that exist in our mental health services locally. Since I have been elected, improved health services to the people of Roscommon, South Leitrim and East Galway have one of my top priorities and will remain so too