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Hauliers Welcome New Tax Measures But More Needs To Be Done

By November 27, 2015No Comments

During a debate on the new tax rates for the haulage industry in the Dail, I welcomed the new lower motor tax rates for the sector and said that it would help to create jobs in the industry and would make Irish hauliers more competitive with other countries particularly the UK. However he pointed out that there are some laws in place affecting farmers and others which have come from the EU that are farcical. For instance a farmer that has to travel more than 50 kilometers to bring cattle to the mart must have a tacograph in his tractor, which is a joke. He said that he was aware of a case being taken by the Gardai against a man who had drawn a load of straw from Tipperary to Mayo ( in that case the regulations say the limit is 100 kilometers) while you can draw things like sludge and forestry all over the country without sanction. These regulations are completely needless and of benefit to no one. People must be allowed to make a living for themselves without these irrelevant and nonsensical regulations being in place and I called on the Minister to exercise the discretion open to him in this regard.