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Greece Should Be Given Time By The EU

In the aftermath of the referendum in Greece on Sunday it is time that the EU sat up and took notice of the democratic decision by the Greek people to reject any more austerity for the country. The Greek people should be given time and space to sort out their country. Last week I suggested that Greece should be given two years to get their situation and structures in order. Bullying and intimidation is certainly not the way forward. Our Ministers should also recognize the statement made by the Greek people last weekend and show some solidarity and sympathy towards their situation. It is time for a total review of the entire European project which is beginning to turn sour and we will have to return to the basics which was a word called community . It’s time for the people who run the EU to realise that there are more countries than the big three or four involved. I for one was and never will be an admirer of the EU as they are control freaks