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Government Should Think Long and Hard Before Decision on 13 Billion Apple Back Taxes

By August 30, 2016No Comments

The decision of the Irish Government to appeal the decision of the EU to award the Irish state 13 billion Euro in back taxes from Apple raises several important issues for a number of parties in the coming days and weeks and those issues will have to be clarified,

I am of the strong opinion that no one should be treated unfairly when it comes to taxation and that includes Apple and other major multi nationals. We have a corporation tax rate of 12.5% and that’s what should be paid by these companies who provide excellent employment around the country. If there are major companies paying just two and three percent tax then they should be pursued for what they owe. In this case I would think very carefully before turning down a sum of 13 billion which would sort out the housing crisis, the homeless problem, waiting lists in the health service, flooding problems and the defecit in our mental health services to name just a few areas that need immediate funding.

I will be very interested to hear what Minister Shane Ross will do with regard to this appeal. I have sat beside him in the Dail when he spoke passionately about multi nationals not paying their fair share of tax and he has written extensively about it for years. Then we have Fianna Fail who were responsible for the bankrupting our economy, supporting this appeal which would see 13 billion Euro in tax handed back to Apple if it is successful.

Multi national companies are very welcome in Ireland but as long as they pay their fair share of tax then there should be no issue. Ordinary members of the public are pursued relentlessly by the Revenue Commissioners if they owe taxes, and all the people want is for everyone, even the biggest companies, to be treated in the same way.