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Government Must Secure Early Payment On Single Farm Payments

By September 6, 2017No Comments

Minister Michael Creed must go to Europe and demand that Ireland be included in the number of states permitted to make a 70% advance Single Farm Payments as it is quite incredible that this has not been done.
The Commission have decided that 10 member states have been deemed eligible to make the advance payments from October the 16th under various headings including difficult weather conditions. Has the Minister not been looking at the weather here over the past 6 to 8 weeks ? Has he not seen what has gone on in Donegal with the devastation of the flooding? Surely this qualifies Ireland for early payment as it has been a very difficult month of August for many farmers.
Minister Creed has been asleep at the wheel on this issue and he needs to go to Europe immediately and secure early payment status for Ireland because our situation is just as serious as the other states who have received this derogation. Remember too that this is our own money that we are asking for as we are now net contributors to EU funds. I am calling on Minister Creed to act immediately on this very important issue.