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Government Must Prioritise Support For Knock Airport

By September 23, 2015No Comments

The news that seven local authorities in the Western Region have agreed to support Knock Airport financially is very welcome. But the Government can do far more. The Government took out the important ten-t funding which would have made Knock Airport a core infrastructural hub in the West Region and I am now calling on the Government to re-instate that funding and make a solid commitment to support Knock Airport into the future. I welcomed the recent announcement of funding over the next five years, but commitment to Knock by the Government is needed now. Knock Airport is one of the most important facilities that we have in the West of Ireland in terms of business and tourism and it employs 150 people and it’s future should be secured now. Knock Airport needs to be made a hub for the West into the future and I will be supporting that campaign until it is a reality. There is huge potential at Knock Airport and it can be realised with proper planning and funding over the next number of years