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Government Break Promise On Job Creation

By January 7, 2016No Comments

The Government and the Taoiseach Enda Kenny have broken another promise to the people and this time it’s on job creation.
Mr Kenny promised that there would be full employment by 2018 but earlier this week he revised that pledge and now that date is pushed back to 2020. I can assure the Taoiseach that unless proper infrastructure such as upgraded roads, broadband, banking, transport and other vital services are provided to rural Ireland he can revise his prediction back to 2025. There will be no chance of full employment unless the Government tackle these issues in a real way in the short and long term future. Making announcements and holding photo calls are useless unless they are backed up by real action on the ground. We can continue to clog up our major cities and towns with people into the future but that will simply not work and there has to be proper and balanced rural development so that all communities can share in any employment increase,