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Good News On Glenamaddy Sewage Scheme

By August 25, 2016No Comments

Irish Water has e-mailed local public representatives to inform them that funding is now in place for an upgrade tor the Glenamaddy Sewage Scheme. I have been working hard on this issue for many years and this work needs to be completed as soon as possible. One thing that is very important is that Irish Water liase with the residents in the area where the proposed site will be. I know that Irish Water have looked at five or six different possible sites . The residents locally will have to be made aware of what type of construction will be taking place and what type of a plant that it will be. The way forward in a case like this is to work with the people of the local community and not carry out any work without consultation in the first place. I will continue to monitor this situation and hope that the works can be carried out as soon as possible