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Glas Situation Now a Farce

The situation with regard to applications under the Glas scheme has descended into total farce now after news that the Department of Agriculture yesterday evening issued new terms and conditions only 12 days before the closing date. The ranking system for Tier 3 farmers has been changed which means that planners will have to go back now and check everything that farmers have done so far, never mind those who have yet to apply under these new terms and conditions. In fact it may require farmers to carry out additional work to that which they have done already.

As far as I can see the Department are making this up as they go along. This situation would not be tolerated in any other profession and it is farmers who will lose out in the long run. I am calling for the closing date to be extended by at least a month so that this extra work can be finished. Farmers are being treated disgracefully and enough is enough. I will be raising this totally unsatisfactory situation with Minister Coveney as a matter of urgency this week