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Glas Payment Hold Ups Must Never Happen Again

By January 16, 2017No Comments

Hold ups in payments to farmers under the Glas schene is totally unacceptable and this situation must never be allowed to happen again.

I have been contacted by numerous farmers, not alone in this constituency, but from farmers from all over the country who are awaiting Glas payments.There appears to have been a major breakdown in the IT systems in Wexford from where these payments are administered. This money should have been paid out in the last week in December. I have been on to the Department over the past week and will be talking to them again in the coming days about this serious situation. Farmers are relying on this money for paying loans and other bills and this delay is totally unacceptable. I believe that we are close to a resolution of the situation but this is something that should never be allowed to happen again. Everyone understands that any new system will need tweaking but this has been chaotic. I will be raising the matter this week in the Dail with the Minister for Agriculture.