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Gardai Have To Get Their Priorities Right

By September 23, 2015No Comments

With regard to the proposal from the Garda Commissioner today that every motorist in the country should have an emergency kit in their car, anything that will improve road safety is welcome, but there are far more serious problems facing the Gardaí at the moment. Rural crime is now a major issue and the Commissioner should be addressing ways of tackling it because there are many people living in rural areas who are in fear of break ins and thugs travelling around the countryside committing crimes with very little chance of being caught, This should be top of her priority list.

With regard to road safety and the regulations, I want to also highlight a major problem with regard to people looking for a trailer licence. These people have to undergo a theory test, however in many cases people who have not had much schooling are in fear of the test and anyone who cannot read or write so well is being discriminated against. Instead of someone just going out to see if the person can reverse a trailer and handle it properly, we have this totally unacceptable carry on of the RSA at the moment insisting on this test for everyone regardless of their circumstances. I will be raising this matter with the RSA and the Minister at the first available opportunity. There has to flexibility on a matter like this