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Garda Numbers Problem Can Be Addressed

By February 26, 2016No Comments

The controversy over falling Garda numbers and the closure of rural Garda stations could be partially solved by the freeing up of 1,400 Gardai who are at present doing administrative work, and replacing them with civilians.
There are 1,400 Gardai who are doing administrative work around the country at the moment and civilians should be trained up and given those jobs and it would free the Gardai to serve around the country. The closure of rural Garda stations and the reduction in Garda numbers has led to an increase in crime and many people in rural areas do not feel safe in their own homes. We need to increase the numbers of Gardai on the beat and we need more Gardai in rural areas in particular. The biggest deterrent to criminals is when there is a visible presence of Gardai. I will be calling on the Minister for Justice in the new Government to put a plan into operation immediately to free up the Gardai who are doing administrative jobs at present and this plan would also provide 1,400 jobs for members of the public which would be very welcome